Some Definitions of Careers in the Opinion of the Experts

Some Definitions of Careers in the Opinion

Career is part of a person's life, an event for some people is a goal of life is about to be Achieved, the career IS ALSO one that can Make someone's motivation in doing something (encouragement).

Below are some definitions of careers in the opinion of experts as follows:

Career is a necessity that should grow in a person workforce, so as to encourage the willingness to work. Career development should be done through the growth needs of the labor career, creating the conditions and career development opportunities and make adjustments between them through various mutations personal (Bambang Wahyudi, 161).

In general it can be said that a career will contain the increase in the level of responsibility, authority and a person's income (Bambang Wahyudi, 162). A broader view than the career is as a series on attitudes and behaviors related to work activities and experiences throughout one's life (individually perceived sequence of attitudes and behaviors associated with work-related activities and experiences over the span of a person's life, Bernardin, 194). Likewise Malthis stating that a career is a series of work-related position occupied by a person throughout his life (hal.342). The new concept of career is protean career is a career that constantly change with the changing interests, skills, values and work environment someone (Noe, 378). 

According to Gibson et al. (1995: 305) career is a series of attitudes and behaviors relating to experience and work activities over a span of one's life and a series of work activities are ongoing. Thus the career of an individual involves a set of choices from a variety of occasions. If viewed from the perspective of the organization, career involves a process in the which the organization renews itself towards the effectiveness of career is the boundary where a series of career attitudes and behaviors can satisfy an individual.

According Greenhaus (1987: 5), quoted by Irianto (2001: 93) there are two approaches to understanding the meaning of a career, namely: the first approach looking at a career as a possession (a property) and / or of the occupation or organization. This approach considers that a career as a track mobility within the organization such single career path in the marketing function, which become sales representatives, product managers, marketing managers district, a marketing manager, regional, and vice president of divisional marketing with a variety of tasks and functions on each positions.

Based on these two approaches is the definition of a career as a template based on the work experience (work-related experiences) that stretches all the way work experienced by each individual / employee and can broadly be broken down into obyective events. One example to explain it through a series of positions / job, task or work activity, and decisions related to the work (work-related decisions). Not only that, also on the subjective interpretation of events related to the job (workrelated events) well in the past, present and future as a job aspirations, expectations, values, needs, and feelings about the experience of a particular job.

According to Irianto (2001: 94), the notion of career encompasses elements Objectively and subjectively. Elements objective with regard to policies jobs or positions that determined the organization, while the Subjective element pointing to the ability of someone manage your career by changing the environmental objective (for example by changing the work / office) or modify the Subjective perception of a situation (for example by changing expectations). Simamora (2001: 504) argues that the word career Several can be viewed from different perspectives, among others of objective and Subjective perspective.

Viewed from a subjective perspective, a career is a sequence of positions occupied by a person during his lifetime, whereas from the perspective of an objective, careers are changes in values, attitudes, and motivations that occur because someone is getting older. 15 The second perspective focuses on the individual and assumes that every individual has some degree of control over his fate so that individuals can manipulate to maximize the chances of success and satisfaction that comes from his career. Based on such understanding, the definition of career is a sequence of activities associated with work and behavior, values, and aspirations of a person during its life span. Career is all the jobs held during the life of a person in his work (Keith Davis and Werther W.B; 1996).

Thus some of the definitions of a career that has been cited experts. See you in the next article. Thank you.

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